B.G., Estate Planning client  Rockville

Once again I’m writing to thank you for your help. I appreciate so much being able to ask you questions and the comfortable feeling of knowing I can always get good advice. You are kind to phone me back in a timely manner to answer my various questions, problems, inquiries, etc. Mom’s death has been hard. At times it seems unreal. But at least I know I can take care of things the way she wanted. She appreciated the work you did to get all the documents in order.

D.G., Estates and Trusts client  Maryland

At a very reasonable cost, Mr. Bricker created wills, power of attorney documents, and advanced medical directives to protect us and our children.

S.L, Mortgage Company Vice President  Maryland

I join my loan officers, processors and office staff offering Mr. Bricker my strongest recommendations.

RF., Loan Officer  Rockville

Mr. Bricker and his staff exemplify courtesy and competent, professional settlement services.

K.E., Settlement Client  Maryland

Jules always goes out of his way to find ways to save you money on your settlement. This time he was able to save us from ordering the survey by using some kind of affidavit. With Jules you also have peace of mind because you know he is very genuine about his work and he has a huge amount of integrity.

W.L., Personal Injury Client  Rockville

Mr. Bricker is diligent, honest and trustworthy and helped me to obtain excellent results.

S.E., Personal Injury Client  Maryland

My daughter and I were injured in a car accident which was not my fault, and Mr. Bricker obtained a substantial settlement for my daughter. We are both back to perfect health and my daughter's college education is now secure.

N.V. Divorce Client  Rockville

I wanted to thank you for all of your legal help and council. I very much appreciate how quickly you responded to my questions and requests and how candid you have been about my situation. My experience with you has not only been positive, but pleasant, which I much appreciate considering the difficulty of my personal and legal situation.

R.B., Divorce client  Maryland

At a minimum of cost and aggravation, Mr. Bricker determined my needs and worked with me to obtain a very favorable result regarding custody and a property settlement. I refer Mr. Bricker to my friends and colleagues whenever I have the chance.

N.R, Child Custody client  Rockville

I sought Mr. Bricker's services due to an emergency regarding my daughter. Whether over the telephone, in person, or in Court, Mr., Bricker never let me down.

P.W., Divorce client  Maryland

Thank you, you walked me through the biggest life change a person can make, after 30 years of marriage, a divorce. This truly became a life changing event in many ways, and healthier. Starting from the first day we met, your patience…as you explain to me, what I could expect to happen, and what important decisions I needed to make in order to secure my position. You stood by me even when you didn’t agree with me, and that says a lot about you. It is through experience that I have learned how quickly attitudes develop towards others when they do not agree with them, but not you….

Aside from just liking you personally, your preparedness…was more than impressive….The added benefit of you meeting me at my convenience was also a relief many times. All the phone conversations that saved me from missing work. Thank you!

You set before me in words, the picture of how my life could be, so that I could make my story. With this advice, I developed confidence in my decisions, whether or not others agreed….You never once made me feel less, because I was a woman, never. Wow what a trait to possess in this world. So I can never ever thank you enough.